Feminist Book Review: Illuminae

THIS BOOK IS ABOUT ZOMBIES IN SPACE. Not really, I mean, there a lot more going on than that in this ambitious book. But nothing gets people’s attention like zombies in space. Presented as a dossier of IM, email, video, transcripts, diary entries and more, Illuminae is a modern epistolary novel. This format can be… Read More

Feminist Book Review: Romeo and/or Juliet

Every so often the debate arises: Was Shakespeare a real person? Did he write the plays he is famous for? Or did he collaborate with other writers, or steal their work, or was his name just a pseudonym? Ryan North has the answer–Shakespeare stole his famous tale Romeo and Juliet from Ryan himelf. “How?” you… Read More

The Heaviness of Knowing: F-BOM Book of the Month Review

We are pleased to announce Sharolyn G. Brown’s The Heaviness of Knowing as our Winter 2018 F-BOM Book of the Month. Here’s your spoiler-free review of the novel. Then, download your copy here and start reading. We look forward to hearing your personal reviews in the F-BOM forum! Not offensive to women = 1/1 pt… Read More