F-BOM’s May & June Book of the Month is The Wolf and the Rain by Tanya Lee

Global warming has divided the continent.

Samarra, a soldier from the barren, authoritarian South, has fled to the Barrow, a northern city where the only things growing faster than the city’s piles of garbage are extremist cults and violent gangs. Her sole objective is survival: to stay hidden and stay safe.

With jobs in short supply, Samarra counts herself lucky to find work with the Vauns, one of the Barrow’s most powerful and dangerous families. As she learns to navigate the beauty, the horror, and the magic of the lawless city, she finds herself living in the shadow of a missing woman—the beautiful and mysterious Raina, who worked for the Vauns before her. When the trail, long thought cold, heats up, Samarra must decide whether her newly gained chance at freedom is worth sacrificing for a ghost.

Learn more about Tanya Lee:

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Tanya Lee holds a B.A from the University of British Columbia in literature and political science, and an MSc.(Planning) in international rural planning and development from the University of Guelph. With a focus on international development and human rights, Tanya has worked on counter-trafficking, safe-migration, and maternal and child health projects in India, Nepal, Mexico, and various countries in Africa. She also acts in independent films, particularly those with a focus on human rights and gender equality. From Coquitlam, BC, she currently lives in Toronto with her husband, two babies, and a belligerent 23lb orange tabby named Frank. The Wolf and the Rain is her first novel.

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