Purchase the Writer’s Package Now:

-Get Access to the Writer Forums
-Have Your Work-In-Progress Professionally Critiqued
-One-Time Payment of $25


Are you a writer? Join the best feminist writing group–in the F-BOM forums!

Writers need communities. If you write in a bubble, your work can’t improve. That’s why we have restructured the Writer’s Package. Now you no longer have to be an e-book or print subscriber to purchase the Writer’s Package or access the writer forums. For one flat price, you can ask the current F-BOM author for writing tips, or workshop your flash fiction contest entry with other authors!

And we’ve added another piece to the package. Writer’s Package members can have the first ten pages of their work-in-progress reviewed by Lindsey or Cecelia! We want to demystify the F-BOM selection process and use our years of experience to push writers into new areas. If you already have the Writer’s Package, you are already eligible for this service, no need to purchase again.

The Writer’s Package is a lifetime purchase, meaning just one payment guarantees you access to the conversations that will bolster you when you hit a slump, cheer for you when you soar, and give you the valuable feedback your work needs to grow. Not only that, you’ll be part of a community of feminist peers dedicated to promoting underrepresented voices.

Grow your writing in a place where your voice is celebrated, not pruned. Purchase the Writer’s Package now.