Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could get really cool feminist stickers once a month while at the same time supporting artists and donating money to feminist causes? Feminist Sticker Club will meet your needs! For only $3.00 a month, a curated, feminist sticker will be delivered to your mailbox and 10% of the… Read More

Surrender to “Blood’s Force”

This month I have the pleasure of announcing that author Ellis Morning‘s novel Blood’s Force is the August Book of the Month. Blood’s Force is book one in the “Sword and Starship” series. The story is set in a corner of a universe where technology is demonized, spaceflight is fast becoming a lost art, and interplanetary politics… Read More

Newly Married: How We Chose a New Last Name

Back in April I penned my first blog post on the frustration I felt when people assume a woman will take her husband’s last name after getting married. Articles on this subject pop up regularly, such as this week’s Mary Sue article on Japanese women fighting to keep their surnames after getting married. One of the biggest hurdles for… Read More